Real Estate Developers

As a real estate developer, you've got plenty on your plate.  We provide insurance coverage all steps of the way through the construction and development of your commercial property.  Be it providing coverage related to the conduct of project managers, constructions managers, general contractors, real estate agents, or property managers, DKM provides a host of protections through its General Liability coverage and Professional Liability Insurance offerings. 

Types of Policies Include

Owner Controlled Insurance Program

  • Covers all contractors and subcontractors on a project
  • Workers compensation
  • General liability
  • Employers liability
  • Professional liability

Builders Risk Insurance

  • Applies to property in the course of construction
  • Includes property on the construction site and at off-site locations
  • Typically covers damage by fire, wind, theft, lightning, vandalism, vehicles and expulsion. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Provides coverage for legal defense costs & damages incurred from wrongful acts committed during course of development. Wrongful acts can include

  • Awarding of design and construction bid packages
  • obtaining permits, variances, easements and other rights
  • management and supervision of design and construction

Environmental Liability Insurance

When developers target former industrial properties for urban projects it is possible the properties have been designated by the EPA as "brownfield" containing hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants.  Development of these properties could reveal environmental contamination that could 

  • Require cleanup
  • Cause release of contaminants
  • lead to liability for damages to natural resources